Day Services

The Shadowfax Corporation is a private, non-profit human services agency that supports individuals with disabilities.

Quality, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Acceptance, Relationships, Caring, Dreams, Choices, Fulfillment . . .

These are words that epitomize the many York PA day services offered at Shadowfax. Our team of dedicated and well trained staff embodies our beliefs by helping people grow and experience all aspects of life.

Day Services York PAWe offer a variety of programs and supports people can choose from. Working at a restaurant, going to a ball game, shopping, going to the zoo, relaxing in a sensory room, learning new skills, working out in a fitness center… you name it, we have it. Staff are committed to meet the needs, interests and desires of each person. Each person’s program is designed by the person and a team of people who care. Team members include families, caregivers, friends, staff, professionals, and others who will be a support for them. Together, we make things happen.

We embrace the Office of Developmental Programs’ philosophy of Everyday Lives, which includes Self Determination. We are constantly looking for new options, trying new ideas, and seeking to improve our programs. Our staff strives to give people exposure to new experiences to expand their opportunities and promote personal growth. We believe that all people should be active members of the community, as they desire. People have choices and the freedom to exercise their rights. For those reasons, we have small groups of people out of our facilities every day, going places and doing things they enjoy. We have employment specialists helping people find jobs. On the other hand, if someone chooses to do activities within the facility, that’s ok too. We respect this and are flexible.

Shadowfax is progressive. We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

All services are licensed by the Office of Developmental Programs and/or The Department of Aging. Our services are provided at our main office at 386 Pattison Street, York or 149 S. Tremont Street, York. For more information on Shadowfax’s Day Services, please contact us.

Vocational Alternatives

Shadowfax offers vocational training in a variety of supported settings.  Two facility based training centers operate in York.  The program is designed to provide work experience in an industrial setting to individuals who have disabilities.staffBoxStickers

Shadowfax is an outsourcing partner with many local businesses and offers diverse work opportunities.  The program encourages development of industry compatible attitudes, quality control skills, productivity, and work tolerance consistent with the employee’s interests and abilities.

Classes provide assistance in developing a resume, completing a job application, mastering interviewing skills, and learning appropriate social skills for the work environment.

Placement services are available for people who need assistance in finding a job.

Once employed, follow-up services are provided to ensure the job experience is successful for the person and the employer.

Workstations in Industry offer the opportunity to work on-site at area businesses.  With the supervision of Shadowfax staff, individuals gain experience and familiarity with the competitive job market.

Supported Employment

Each person has the right to become an active member of the community.  Work can be an important part of establishing social roles and personal well-being.  Shadowfax is markMcDonaldsEDITcommitted to providing persons with disabilities the choice and opportunity to work in the competitive job market.  Our goal is to help each person find a job that matches their interests and abilities.

Employment Specialists help with every aspect of job development in order for a person to find and keep a job. Once the person’s job preferences and skills are explored and assessed, Employment Specialists assist them in the job search and interview process.  After being hired, Employment Specialists stay on-site with the person to ensure they learn the job.

Individuals will continue to be supported until they are working as independently as possible and both employer and employee are satisfied with the working relationship.  We are proud of our role in helping people with disabilities find employment in York County.

Independent Skills Training Program (IST)

At Shadowfax, we recognize that each person is happy and fulfilled when doing things outingGroupFlowersthey like to do.  This program provides a high level of staff support for people who have more intensive staffing needs. With the appropriate level of supervision and our excellent support staff, each person has the opportunity to be involved in activities they enjoy. Individual plans are developed based on the needs and desires of each person. Daily living needs for each individual are met by our caring staff.  Program activities include, but are not limited to, socialization, communication, motor development and exercise, sensory stimulation, and basic work skills.  Each person involved in this program also has the opportunity to participate in community outings and volunteer experiences.  Individuals enjoy these activities, and more, in a comfortable, friendly, and stimulating environment.

We also provide programs for seniors who want a more relaxed and less structured atmosphere. Activities are similar to what we offer in our other program, but each person sets their own pace. Whether it’s taking a leisurely walk in the neighborhood, or reclining and watching a western on TV, individuals choose their activities throughout the day

Community Based Activity Program

Shadowfax is committed to supporting every individual in fulfilling their dreams and desires.  Staff ensures that each individual spends the day doing activities they find enjoyable and fun.  Staff also supports each person in becoming an active member of the community.  This is done by offering a variety of experiences and opportunities for volunteering, taking walks in the park, going out to eat, playing miniature golf, bowling, and taking day trips to Hershey, Lancaster and Hanover, just to name a few.  The options are built into a schedule that is exciting and meaningful. People who are interested in this program will be out and about in the York Community rather than based in our main facility.

For more information on Shadowfax’s Day Services, please contact us.