Day Services: Employment Specialist

The Shadowfax Corporation is a private, non-profit human services agency that supports individuals with disabilities.

Job Description

Employment Specialist

Mission Statement:  To consistently demonstrate dependability, integrity, and commitment to our customers

Reports To: Associate Director of Programming

Department: Day Services – Programming

Major Function:
Responsible for preparing individuals with disabilities for community employment, developing job positions and providing necessary supports to insure success as a member of the competitive workforce. Responsible to perform duties according to Department of Public Welfare regulation’s PA Vocational Facilities Licensing (PA code 55,Chapter 2390) guidelines for Placement Services. Assists in daily functions of the overall program as needed.

Essential Functions:
1. To deal with immediate concerns and refer serious problems to management.
2. Provide ongoing direct supervision of all individuals in the program. This includes ensuring their immediate concerns and needs are dealt with in a timely, orderly, caring, manner with an emphasis on quality. Management will be made aware of serious problems in a timely manner.
3. Responsible to be aware of individual’s health needs, applying emergency procedures and medication administration process.
4. Responsible to promote/support meaningful lifestyles/choices of each individual through Individual Supports Plan (ISP) and related programming.
5. Protect interests/welfare of each individual and insure quality supports are being provided.
6. Actively promote community involvement/volunteerism/employment as desired for each individual. Focus on a community based program rather than a facility- based program.
7. Maintain an acceptable level of quality control in the production area.
8. Meets established deadlines.
9. Work hours as assigned in any area of the program inside or outside the facility.
10. Maintain accurate records/documentation and prepare required reports.
11. Supervises and assists individuals during their lunch and break time as well as during transport time.
12. Maintain a positive/professional demeanor when relating with all Shadowfax customers.
13. Implement employee relation practices necessary to establish positive employee relationships and promote a high level of employee morale.
14. Maintain good attendance and be dependable in carrying out job responsibilities.
15. Responsible to ensure that agency policies/procedures and state regulations are followed.
16. Maintain each program according to state regulations and perform other duties as assigned, i.e. area maintenance and cleaning.
17. Attend meetings and trainings as required by state regulations and corporate policy.
18. Positively promote and support agency at public events and other community activities.
19. Drive corporate vehicles for scheduled activities, appointments, etc.
20. Must be able to physically perform duties of the job including lifting/transferring. Must be able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly and daily when the job dictates the need.
21. Participate as necessary in the development and implementation of each individual’s ISP and the development of each person’s assessment.
22. Training of all staff assigned to the program including implementing program plans, record keeping, and 90-day training program.
23. To participate in the process of interviewing and hiring of applicants.
24. Is familiar with available transportation resources in York (such as Rabbit Transit) and assists individuals in utilizing the most appropriate modes to transport to and from work.
25. Is knowledgeable of the Americans with Disabilities Act in regards to employment of individuals with disabilities and apply appropriately when necessary
26. Attend and coordinate meetings as required.
27. Act as a liaison between all team members. Is responsible to accurately relate relevant information about individuals to their caregivers/team members/co-workers and management when appropriate.
28. Complete all aspects of intake procedure.
29. Assist in the design and implementation of day program goals. Actively participate in the process of continuous improvement and well run program concept.

Additional Responsibilities:  Assume other duties as assigned by supervisor.

GED or high school diploma and 1 year work experience in industry or rehabilitation OR 30 credit hours from an accredited college or university and 1 year work experience in industry or rehabilitation. Must have a valid/currant driver’s license.

Prerequisites for the Job:
1. Good oral and written communication skills.

2. Ability to professionally interface with potential businesses and develop relationships that enhance the potential for employment for those who have a disability.

3. Knowledge or the ability to obtain knowledge of work incentive programs available at the state and or federal level.

4. Resourceful, creative, flexible, thorough, and organized.

5. Ability to problem-solve and brainstorm.

6. Ability to manage multiple tasks at one time.

7. Good time management skills.

8. Ability to make good programmatic decisions.

9. Team player.

10. Good leadership skills.

11. Good supervisory skills.

12. Good role model.

Organizational Relationships:
1. Accountable to Program Manager, Associate Director and Executive Director of Day Services.

2. Advise, consult, and coordinate with other agency staff for the betterment of Shadowfax and the Placement program.

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