Day Services: Packager

The Shadowfax Corporation is a private, non-profit human services agency that supports individuals with disabilities.

Job Description

Packager 1 Job Description

Mission Statement: To consistently demonstrate dependability, integrity, and commitment to our customers.

Reports To: Production Manager or Production Associate Director

Department: Day Services

Major Function:

Responsible for performing assigned packaging/assembly tasks with acceptable quality while maintaining production standards. Coordinates job responsibilities and reports to the Production Manager or Production Associate Director

Essential Functions:

1. Responsible to perform a variety of production tasks and meet required production standards.
2. Responsible to maintain an acceptable level of quality control.
3. Responsible to be dependable and on time per established schedule.
4. Maintain the ability to apply knowledge to ongoing, repeat and new jobs.
5. Meets established deadlines.
6. Works hours/jobs as assigned in any area in the facility or in any other production
facilities in which Shadowfax maintains operations
7. Uses safe procedures and practices.
8. Maintain accurate records/documentation.
9. Maintain inventory control of both raw materials and finished product as directed
10. Must be able to physically perform duties of the job including lifting up to fifty pounds repeatedly and
on a daily basis as needed for each assigned job.
11. Must be able to operate any machinery necessary to complete a designated job
12. Participation as part of the team..
13. Responsible to insure that agency policies /procedures are followed.
14. Protects the interests/welfare of each individual.

Additional Responsibilities:  Assume other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Education:  No diploma required.  No Driver’s License required.

Prerequisites for the Job

1. Good communication skills.

2. Good time management skills.

3. Team player and cooperative.

4. Dependable and reliable.

5. Enthusiastic, respectful and caring.

Organizational Relationships:  Accountable to the Production Manager, Associate Director of Production, and Director of Production, for all phases of activities.

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