Day Services: Production Assistant

The Shadowfax Corporation is a private, non-profit human services agency that supports individuals with disabilities.

Job Description

Production Assistant – Day Services

Mission Statement: To consistently demonstrate dependability, integrity, and commitment to our customers.

Reports To: Director of Production

Department: Day Program

Major Function:   Responsible for assisting with production and making deliveries for the production department.

Essential Functions:

1. Perform shipping/receiving duties. These duties include delivering product to and from work areas, utilizing the forklift and maintaining good record keeping of all paperwork associated with incoming and outgoing work.
2. Assist in maintaining clean and orderly production storage area in compliance with OSHA standards.
3. Assist with maintaining excellent quality control in the production area.
4. Assist with ensuring that all forklifts and pallet jacks are in good operating order and necessary repairs are reported to supervisor in a timely manner.
5. Maintain the production areas according to 55 Pa. Code CH. 2390 state regulations.
6. Make scheduled deliveries utilizing the corporate box truck or other vehicle as assigned.
7. Assist in loading trucks on site and off site as it pertains to deliveries.
8. Meets established delivery deadlines.
9. Assist with the general maintenance of the delivery truck. These duties include taking care of any deficiencies listed on the company vehicle check list and reporting any vehicle problems to supervisor immediately.
10. Maintain good attendance and be dependable in carrying out job responsibilities.
11. Maintain accurate records/documentation as it pertains to the duties assigned.
12. Maintain a positive/professional demeanor when relating to all Shadowfax customers.
13. Utilize established safety measures on an ongoing basis.
14. Work outside normal schedule as necessary to respond to customer delivery requests.
15. Drive corporate owned/personal vehicle as deemed necessary to complete assigned duties.

Additional Responsibilities: Assume other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.

Education:  High school diploma or GED.

Prerequisites for the Job

1. Must have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.
2. Must be able to pass/maintain the required CDL medical physical to make deliveries out of state. (This is not a CDL driving license.)
3. Good time management skills.
4. Must be able to operate a manual shift transmission vehicle.
5. Must be a team player.
6. Must be able to bend, pull, twist, squat, reach, stand and or walk for periods of time repeatedly and daily.
7. Must be able to lift the lesser of 50 lbs or 1/3rd of your body weight repeatedly and daily.
8. Basic knowledge of safe forklift operation.
9. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Organizational Relationships:  Accountable to Production Manager and Director of Production

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