Human Resources: Onboarding Coordinator

The Shadowfax Corporation is a private, non-profit human services agency that supports individuals with disabilities.

Job Description


Mission Statement:  To consistently demonstrate dependability, integrity, and commitment to our customers

Reports To: Director of H.R. Department: Human Resources

Major Function: Responsible for staff recruitment and onboarding. Onboarding refers to the process of integrating new employees into the organization, preparing them to succeed at their job, and to become fully engaged, productive members of the organization

Essential Functions:

1. Instruct program specific job responsibilities training for all direct support new hires.

2. Coordinate and instruct orientation for all new hires.

3. Instruct other trainings for all staff as deemed necessary.

4. Design, plan, organize, and instruct training for staff members. This includes administrative tasks such as scheduling, documenting, filing, maintaining current contents, and issuing disciplinary action related to training.

5. Actively recruit staff members and engage in recruitment related activities.

6. Promote positive relationships through effective communication and conflict resolution.

7. Ensure compliance with the Department of Public Welfare regulations related to staff training. Specifically Chapter 6400 (Community Homes for Individuals with Mental Retardation), Chapter 2390 (Vocational), Chapter 11 (Aging), and Chapter 2380 (Adult Training Facility).

8. Attend and coordinate meetings as required.

9. Prepare required reports as deemed necessary.

10. Inform supervisor of problems immediately.

Additional Responsibilities:

Maintain organization and cleanliness of the orientation room and other areas as needed.

Assume other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Bachelor’s Degree in a human service or education field


Associates Degree in a human service or education field and two years experience


A high school diploma with a minimum of four years previous experience working with individuals with disabilities, teaching, or training.

Prerequisites for the Job
1. Current certification or ability to receive certification for instructing courses such as CPR, First Aid, and Medication Administration.

2. Demonstration of leadership and supervisory skills through past experience.

3. Improve staff morale through positive reinforcement and role modeling.

4. Ability to promote the team concept with open communication and flexibility.

5. Quality use of time and ability to manage multiple tasks.

6. Patience in demonstrating and promoting proper use of techniques acquired during training and ability to relay understanding of such techniques.

Organizational Relationships:

1. Accountable to the Director of H.R. for all components of the job.

2. Consults and coordinates as needed with Management.

3. Coordinates with Training Manager.

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