Residential Direct Support Professional: Community Direct Support Staff

The Shadowfax Corporation is a private, non-profit human services agency that supports individuals with disabilities.

Job Description

Residential Community Direct Support Staff

Mission Statement:

To consistently demonstrate dependability, integrity, and commitment to our customers.

Reports To: Program Manager of Residential Services
Department: Residential

Major Function:
To facilitate the development of relationships within the community.
Coordinates implementation through the Program Manager & Associate Director of Residential services. Reports to the Program Manager or the Associate Director of Residential Services.

Essential Functions:

1. Provide one-on-one direct supervision to an individual while engaging in a community activity. This includes personal care, safety, and medication administration (as applicable). This includes ensuring individuals immediate concerns and needs are dealt with in a timely, orderly manner with an emphasis on quality and safety. Management shall be made aware of serious problems in a timely manner. Responsible for awareness of each individual’s health needs. Transport individuals to and from community activities.

2. Assist in development and implementation to promote/support meaningful lifestyles of each individual through person centered planning, ISP process and related programming.

3. Responsible to insure that agency policies and residential & fiscal regulations are followed within the assigned residential site(s). Protect interests of individuals and the company in accordance with company policies, governmental laws, and regulations. Comply with regulations with respect to health, safety, and paperwork. Follow agency policies and procedures regarding financial management of individual funds and program budget.

4. Implement employee relations practices necessary to establish positive employee relationships and promote a high level of employee morale.

5. Promote and support the agency in community activities and events through role modeling and visibility for the promotion of a positive image of the agency.

6. Preparation of required or requested reports, forms, or correspondence.

7. Responsible for implementing the community resource plans for individuals as assigned.

8. Attend required trainings.

9. Drive corporate owned/personal vehicle to transport individuals to activities. A personal vehicle is to only be used with management approval in emergency situations or whenever another suitable alternative cannot be made.

10. Must be able to physically perform the duties of the job including lifting and transferring. Must be able to bend, twist, stoop, and lift repeatedly.

11. Responsible for quality of life issues such as community access, comfort, and socially appropriate settings.

12. Keeps supervisor informed of significant problems that jeopardize the achievement of objectives, and those that are not being addressed adequately at the direct care level.

Additional Responsibilites:

Assume other duties as assigned by supervisor.


High school diploma or equivalent with experience in approved areas according to current licensing regulations and/or experience working with individuals with disabilities. Employees still in high school are hired on the understanding that they will receive high school diploma or equivalent.

Prerequisites for the Job:

1. Must have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.

2. Demonstrate leadership, supervisory abilities, role modeling, and teamwork.

3. Good communication skills.

4. Resourceful, innovative, flexible with time, thorough, and well organized. Good time management.

5. Advocate of team concept.

6. Ability to problem solve and brainstorm.

7. Ability to manage multiple tasks.

8. Ability to recognize and support the organizations preferences and priorities.

9. Results and people oriented. Service oriented.

Organizational Relationships:

1. Accountable to the Program Manager for all phases of activities.

2. Positions accountable to Executive management, Director, Associate Directors, and Program Managers for all phases of their activities.

3. Advises, consults, and coordinates with:

Other Direct Care Staff & Team Members: individual and team plans, company policies, departmental results, well run home planning, continuous improving, or as needed.
Financial team: budgets, and expenses
Program Managers and supervisors: as needed

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