Residential Services

The Shadowfax Corporation is a private, non-profit human services agency that supports individuals with disabilities.

Our Vision at Shadowfax is
“to set the standard for quality services in the human service field.”

EddieGuitarVertResidential staff set the standard by following our core values of Ethics, Excellence and Ownership. We believe that we have an obligation to our customers and to ourselves to have all interactions be guided by respect, honesty and authenticity. We must be true to ourselves, and the staff teaches that to the individuals who live in our homes. Choices and decisions must reflect our belief in honest and decent behavior.

The residential staff focuses on providing quality services. Quality doesn’t just mean accurate work. It means being open to change and growth. The difference between mediocrity and excellence is the fine details and willingness to go beyond. We are stressing this concept to the individuals as well. Everyone needs to feel that they are an important part of the organization, whether working here or living here.

Encouraging Independence

We want our individuals to live as independently as possible, to build friendships, pursue dreams and choose how they spend their time.Services for our homes in York County are
contracted through the York Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities program. The office of developmental programs licenses the homes in accordance to Chapter 6400 regulations. Services we provide are guided by the philosophy of everyday lives. The basis of this philosophy is to ensure the individuals are paving their own way in every aspect of their lives.
To that end, we run one of the most extensive residential services programs in the area, teaching our residents everything you do in your own home. Our homes meet the needs of people that we serve. Homes may be adapted with wheelchair accessibility, roll-in showers, etc.

At 27 houses across York County, our trained and dedicated staff members take an active and supportive role in the lives of individuals who live there. Individuals receive assistance with learning skills, increasing capabilities, and achieving goals that lead toward a more productive life.

connieLaundryHorzThese skills could include:

  • Personal hygiene care
  • Meal preparation
  • Home maintenance
  • Banking
  • Community involvement

Individuals with similar interests and capabilities live together and are encouraged to participate in the community by taking classes at the Y, joining sports leagues, attending a church or doing volunteer work.

We Grow People.

We believe that people are the priority, and therefore “we grow people.” We believe all beings have a right to be part of a community. Everyone has something of value to contribute. We also feel that everyone has the right to make choices about things that impact their lives. These choices include jobs, homes, recreational activities, religion, friends and so forth.

girlBreadFLATAnother important belief is that a collaborative effort is necessary to ensure that we view things from a variety of perspectives, not just those of a provider. The team should include, but not be limited to, family, the individual, friends, staff, and relevant professionals. No one ever travels alone. The mix of people brings creativity and different angles to the table. We believe in recognizing the uniqueness of each individual and how important this is to expand options in life.

We embrace differences in individuals and cultivate their unique talents. We also believe that everyone should be exposed to a variety of experiences in life. People can make more informed decisions if they understand all of the possibilities before them. We believe everyone has a right to a safe and stable environment.

People also have a right to risk. We ensure that risks are reasonable and conducive to the growth of the individual.

We believe that staff plays a pivotal role in quality of life issues. It is essential that staff is committed and has a genuine care for individuals with whom they work.

We believe in accountability. Everyone at every level has accountability for the role that they play in a person’s life. It is our responsibility to advocate, to research, and to ask questions. We hold ourselves to a high standard of what is acceptable.

Being alive is different than living a life with meaning … and a home is more than having a well-stocked kitchen and a clean, attractive environment. To us, a home means sharing your life with people you care about, working with people who are committed to you, and, most importantly, being able to pursue your dreams and live life to the fullest, regardless of your disability.

For more information on Shadowfax’s Residential Services, please contact us.