Sub Contracting

The Shadowfax Corporation is a private, non-profit human services agency that supports individuals with disabilities.


For business, we offer a smarter alternative. It’s amazing what hundreds of hands can accomplish when committed to providing quality service on a timely basis. We offer cost-effective packaging, assembly, sorting and inspection services in our 60,000 square foot facilities … or at your location.

york-pa-assemblyWe can package almost anything your company needs, from small items, such as fastening hardware or bags of salt for soft pretzels, to more complicated packages, such as variety spice holiday display packs. We even handle customized packaging assignments.

Specific case studies? Over the years, we have blister-packed more than 1.5 million packs of screws for one customer. Another customer will check the winter five-day forecast on a Monday, then call us and say, “I’ll need 20 tractor loads of ice melt this week.”

All jobs are quoted up-front so you can compare our per-unit price to the competition’s. This way, you know that in addition to getting the timely and accurate completion of your work, you’re also getting more for your money.

Tractor trailer access, 18 loading bays, 5,000-pound capacity forklifts, and two facilities combined with a skilled workforce keep us competitive over the long haul.

Other Shadowfax capabilities include:

  • Manual packaging
  • Heat sealing
  • Blister packaging
  • Labeling
  • High speed polybagging w/ imprint capabilities
  • Electronic weigh counting
  • Skin packaging
  • Shrink packaging
  • Short run orders, processed, packaged and shipped

Assembly Operations – York PA Assembly

york-pa-subcontracting-york-pa-assemblyYou can depend on our more than 50 years of experience in assembly jobs using power tools, presses and hand tools. Our modern and well-equipped shops enable a wide variety of industrial services, including snapping, bolting, pressing, gluing and the following assemblies:

  • Electronic and Hand Assembly
  • Mechanical Subassembly
  • Sample Display

Assembly is a wide-ranging term, we even perform unassembly. For instance, when an offshore manufacturer put the wrong button on hundreds of thousands of infant outfits, we removed the incorrect buttons and threads, then returned the product to our customer.

Inspection, Sorting & Salvage

When it comes to inspection, sorting and salvage assignments, we’ve done almost everything. From visual and gauge inspection, to sorting tractor trailer loads full of mismatched shoes, to pouring through 55-gallon drums and separating gold from nickel, we can handle the most challenging assignments. Not sure? Give us a call – we’ll give you a quote.

Office Services

How often does your office ask highly compensated employees to perform tasks that might be more wisely outsourced? You’re not alone: The same thing happens in offices all over the area.

However, when it comes to collating, labeling, folding or stuffing envelopes, we offer a fast, accurate, cost-effective alternative that allows your staff to handle the responsibilities they were hired to do.

No job is too big, or too challenging. One company needed us to collate 5,000 sets of mailers, each with 300 pieces. For another company, we frequently assemble 80-to-100-page sales notebooks, thousands at a time.

York PA Subcontracting

For more information on Shadowfax’s Subcontracting Services, please contact us.